What is music school management software?

An effective School MIS brings a school’s data together into one system that can be accessed by each department. Data relating to areas such as attendance, behaviour, academic performance can then be connected and used to refine process, increasing pupil engagement and more. 

Music school management software focuses specifically on busy music departments. 

Our own system Maestro is widely acknowledged as being ‘best in class’ when it comes to music school management software and is used by music-focused independent and state schools of all sizes throughout the UK and internationally.

There are a range of benefits to using music school management software, the range of features Maestro offers includes: 

  • Student scheduling 
  • Exam scheduling 
  • Ensemble scheduling 
  • Room resource booking and calendar 
  • Communications 
  • Registration 
  • Visiting music teachers 
  • Reporting 


What is the best school management software?

Maestro has been specifically designed to manage all the challenges of a busy music department, significantly improving communication with pupils, parents and teaching staff. 

Whether or not you choose to explore Maestro, it is vital to consider the features available within a music management system as you need to make sure it can meet your needs and ultimately, make your life easier. Your chosen system should effortlessly manage all essential communications for schedules, billing and important information, streamlining communications to parents, students and staff all from within the system

When building the ensemble scheduling function within Maestro for example, we made sure it could create ensemble groups and populate them with students individually or in bulk as the music departments we were speaking to wanted a way to combat classes and rehearsals of all sizes. 

Another area that can requires a lot of admin without a music school management system is the management of visiting music teachers. With Maestro, you can create personal dashboards for teachers, giving everyone access to the complete schedule and giving any visiting teachers the opportunity to fill out attendance details, write notes on students and upload documents and print lists themselves. All in accordance with data protection rules:

“Especially within the new GDPR rules, the ability to send individual timetables to parents has saved us from a lot of tedious leg-work. The interface is intuitive, and on the odd occasion we haven’t been able to figure something out, there’s always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone to help us quickly”

Mark Penrose, Bilton Grange Prep School  


How much does music school management software cost? 

Every school is different and like SchoolBase, Maestro is a bespoke system that is tailored to your school’s specific needs and pupil numbers. 

With a quick phone call, we can however give you a better idea of costings, click here to take a look at our diary and book in a 15-minute phone call today. 

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