Furlong has one clear goal;

To build meaningful partnerships with schools.

To achieve this, we are committed to supporting schools in all areas of school life, from the music departments who love Maestro to the academic support provided by SchoolBase. In addition to these products, we also help you stay on top of billing and invoicing, through our bespoke billing module FeeMaster.

FeeMaster is a fee-billing package that offers flexibility and total control over billing and financial administration within your school. It integrates fully with any accounting system of your choosing. Furlong primarily supports Sage so if you would like all your support under one umbrella, we would advise either Sage 50, Sage for Education or Sage 200 Professional but we understand these may not fit the needs of all our users, so the choice is yours.

FeeMaster passes data to Sage via an API so moving data from one system to another is seamless. For other systems Furlong offers a custom CSV export process, so the data is formatted ready to pull into your chosen accounting system.

Schools currently using the system love how easy the integration is. Once they are up and running with FeeMaster, they are thrilled to have a system that gives them the opportunity to easily keep track of who has been billed and why. Parents also love the fact that any invoice they receive is clear and concise. With FeeMaster, scrappy bits of paper being passed through to the accounts department are a thing of the past.

If you are already using SchoolBase, our administrative staff can put together Extras for you using the automated processes within Group Finder, Exams and the Bus menu. If you aren’t using SchoolBase we can simply import data from your MIS system to make sure that FeeMaster is always up to date and you are working with the correct information.

Want to know more? Contact us at financesupport@furlongsolutions.com

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