As a system, our fee-billing software FeeMaster has been in operation since the 90s - yes the 90s! It may seem like a lifetime ago that we were singing along to Britpop, trying to keep hold of a CD walkman so it didn’t skip and crying as Kate let go of Leo in Titanic (there MUST have been room on that raft for him), but it was the start of a journey that is still making life easier for schools to this day.

Building on those first steps from Academic Business Solutions, FeeMaster joined the Furlong family in 2008  (7 years after the iPod launched thus putting an end to tracks skipping on a walkman!). We soon began to develop the product and tailor it to the ever-changing needs and requirements of our schools. Now we have taken the system from FeeMaster 200 to FeeMaster 3, the latest cloud-based version of the software that gives schools the opportunity to stay on top of billing and invoicing for every aspect of school life. 

FeeMaster 3 has transformed the way our schools approach their finances! We are very proud to be able to provide a system that offers complete autonomy and control over who can be billed, when they are billed and at what point they are notified. 

If you are currently part of the Furlong family because of SchoolBase or Maestro but aren’t currently using FeeMaster, here are 7 reasons you should consider switching to the system: 

  1. The Cloud! As the system is cloud based, all your data is accessible online - meaning you can login, edit and action any tasks from anywhere in the world. This has been especially valuable during the rise in remote working last year.  As well as making the system easier to use than ever before, reducing the need for networks and cables is more cost effective and reduces the need to find somewhere to put the technical equipment! 
  2. A smooth user journey: When the system was updated from FeeMaster 200, the look and feel of FeeMaster was completely rejuvenated, removing the 90s aesthetic and giving it a sleek, modern look. It doesn’t just look better though - the user journey is more seamless and intuitive than ever before. Finding what you need and completing tasks has never been easier. 
  3. Easily linked to your portal: The need and use of school portals has grown exponentially over the last decade or so. FeeMaster reflects this growth by giving users instant access and integration with their portal; proving you the opportunity to publish invoices instantaneously so that parents can access them straight away.
  4. Flexibility: FeeMaster allows you to raise as many bills as required, for any group of students. You can also automate charges for recurring payments without having to manually process them each time. There are no constraints on billing,s on preparing and distributing invoices nor  on what the invoice is for. With FeeMaster 3 you have the flexibility to create the fee-billing software your school needs.
  5. Integration: FeeMaster can be fully integrated with SchoolBase, used as a stand-alone product or linked with your established MIS. We believe that the future of EdTech is in collaboration with other companies, giving schools more opportunities to use the systems they are used to and removing the barriers that have historically been created by systems not talking to each other. Our partnership with Solutions for Accounting and CRM, for example, means that we can offer customers a seamless integration between SAGE and FeeMaster. 
  6. Constant evolution: We truly value the feedback that we get from our schools and are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and features to develop. From product steering groups to sessions with specific sectors, finding the time to identify what you need from the system is vital. As such, FeeMaster is a more agile, evolving system that the schools we work with can directly influence. 
  7. The extensive range of features: Our focus on product development means that FeeMaster has a growing number of features designed to help schools to streamline fee-billing, invoicing and discounting processes. Current features include ​​Direct Debits, Family Invoicing, Fee Payer Rules, Invoicing and Reporting, Managing Payments, Recharges, Recurring Items and Fees, Single Invoice Function and more. 

If you would like to join us and our partners in the cloud and get all these benefits and more from FeeMaster , Contact us at financesupport@furlongsolutions.com

You can also book to attend our user group meeting on November 10th  where you can see live demos, ask questions and hear more about FeeMaster’s integration with SAGE. To book visit: https://ti.to/furlong-training-and-events/finance-user-group-meeting-2021

Alternatively we will be at the Schools and Academies show 17th and 18th November and ISBA Expo between the 23rd - 24th November. If you are attending either event we would love to see you there and answer any questions you may have. 

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