We know how risky it is to start a blog with the words Data Management! There will be readers out there that are already tempted to close this tab and stop reading and we don’t blame you. It’s hardly an exciting term and when most teachers hear it they think of tasks that take them away from doing what they love – teaching.

But that’s the thing. Good Data Management will not only support teaching – it could revolutionise it!

It’s not just teaching though; the right type of Data Management can positively impact timetables, make the day-to-day running of a school significantly easier and far more effective and even increase admissions. This is why we think Data Management is so exciting; how can anything that makes that much impact be dull?


It starts with the system

Effective Data Management must start with the Management Information System that’s providing the data. Schools need to have confidence that the system they are using is going to not only collect the right data, but present it in a way that’s easy to digest and identify patterns.

Our flagship MIS SchoolBase has the broadest core functionality of any system on the market. This gives schools the opportunity to use it to identify and analyse key data that can influence the processes they follow, promotion of the school and the information they are able to present to parents about their children.

The system has a versatile and flexible range of features that makes this possible. A good example of this is the Parent Portal which can be used for booking events such as parents’ evening appointments and absence requests, access noticeboard and arrange online payments. Fundamentally this feature streamlines communication between teachers and parents and gives them access to the data they need without having to make chasing phone calls, leave messages or send multiple emails.

Building good relationships with parents is vital to not only a happier day-to-day experience but also the future promotion of the school. Existing parents are your biggest advocate and using Data Management to make their life easier and give them access to everything they need could make a vital difference when they talk to prospective parents about the school.


Make pupils the priority

We work with over 250 schools and whilst they are all unique, one thing is clear; a  pupil’s well-being and progress is always at the heart of a school. Which is why we’ve made it the heart of the data that SchoolBase can provide.

We’ve done this through broader assessment and tracking support which gives you the opportunity to set progress reports and manage academic processes such as homework assignments. In addition to this we also have features designed to help with specific tasks such as the exams tool which supports multiple exam boards and gives you the opportunity to monitor clashes and easily review seating arrangements.

No matter what the task at hand is, concise Data Management means that you can quickly access information that helps you support pupils and resolve issues. We know from the schools we currently work with that being able to swiftly produce data on pupils has been integral to key and difficult discussions;rom being able to review notes on conduct from different teachers across all lessons when discussing behavioural challenges, to using the SEN feature to create individual learning plans when looking at student progress.

Good Data Management makes a difference to the school and the way it’s run, great Data Management makes a difference to the individuals within that school and the life they lead. That’s what’s exciting to us.


The first steps to outstanding Data Management  

The truth is we’ve only touched the surface when it comes to what you can do with Data Management. We’d love the opportunity to talk about your specific needs and requirements and take you through the features of SchoolBase that could make a difference to you.


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