SchoolBase from Furlong is thrilled to announce a new partnership with WCBS. Much like Furlong, WCBS supplies leading management information systems to independent and international schools, giving them the opportunity to manage their data easily and securely throughout the school.

When we first started talking to WCBS we were struck by how similar our goals and values were. As WCBS explains, they want to “free up valuable teaching and administrative time, giving schools the chance to concentrate on developing strategies for success and delivering outstanding education.” We have a shared focus on making life easier for schools which has directly informed our decision to integrate our products.

If you are a school using software from both companies, these pieces of software will now be able to link and talk to each other. Meaning we can now give customers the opportunity to fully utilise the functionality available within their chosen solution.

We are proud to have formed a partnership that has the sole aim of making the user experience of the schools we work with easier. Software companies can have a reputation for putting customers in a position where they have to use certain products. Our partnership is the opposite of that approach. This is about giving the schools we work more choice and more flexibility.

As WCBS explains “we want our customers to know that our focus is on them, and we will do whatever we can to ensure you have your first choices when it comes to EdTech Integrations and enabling your school to take the next step in technological advancements.”

This WCBS and Furlong partnership works to enhance these goals and bring more choice to both sets of customers, removing the need for compromise.

Get in touch if you are either a Furlong SchoolBase or WCBS customer and would like to know more about our partnership and how it can make your life easier.