FeeMaster is the fee-billing software from Furlong Solutions that enables you to stay on top of your billing and invoicing for every aspect of school life.

The system Integrates fully with a number of accounting systems including Sage and, together with our partners, Solutions for Accounting and CRM, we can access Sage developers that will work hard to tailor the systems to your needs and requirements. Offering you complete autonomy and control over who can be billed, when they are billed and at what point they are notified.

When talking to schools about FeeMaster we are often asked to go into a bit more detail about the ways in which the system makes invoicing easier, so we thought for this blog we would do just that!

  1. Automation: Using FeeMaster, schools can set automated invoicing and processes for a range of different segments. For example, some schools use this feature to define family links and set sibling discounts automatically. Alternatively, you could set up automated processes for year groups, subjects, extracurricular groups and more. This makes recurring payments easier than ever before as you no longer have to process them every time.

  2. Flexibility: FeeMaster can link with any accounting system and also link to SchoolBase or other management information systems. This is a very deliberate decision on our part. We want to offer schools complete flexibility to choose the systems they want to use. Software companies can have a reputation for putting customers in a position where they have to use certain products. We take the opposite approach. By integrating with other systems we are giving the schools we work with more choices and the opportunity to fully utilise the functionality available within their chosen solutions.

  3. Adaptability: With FeeMaster there are no constraints on billing, no constraints on preparing and distributing invoices and no constraint on what the invoice is for. You can adapt the system to work the way you want it to work. One of the most common ways current FeeMaster schools adapt the system is to set specific dates the system sends the invoice to the accounting system. This gives them the opportunity to send an invoice to a parent but hold it back from the accounting system until a later date. Giving them the opportunity to avoid having to amend the system if there’s a discount that hasn’t been applied or if a parent says they shouldn’t have got an invoice (for example if their child didn’t end up going on the trip they are being invoiced for. This way invoices can be edited or removed before they are registered with Sage or other accounting platforms.

    If you have specific questions about FeeMaster, you can book a demo with the team here or email financesupport@furlongsolutions.com.

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