In last week’s blog we took a look at our partnership with Solutions for Accounting and CRM. For those of you that don’t know Solutions are experts in Sage, offering advice, full product training and more. With the support of their Sage developers, Furlong is able enhance the features available through our fee-billing software FeeMaster and offer our schools true flexibility and control of their finances.

The teams at both organisations recently sat down with Chris Billingham, Head of Marketing at MAXX to discuss the power of this partnership. Furlong’s Sales and Marketing Manager Jack Broome talked through our shared ethos and the benefits of a cloud-based system with Sean Graham, Operations Director of Solutions for Accounting and CRM. Whilst Katie Saunders, Furlong’s Senior Finance Consultant and Customer Care Manager met with Colin Goodbrand, Head of Education at Solutions, to talk through data management and what this term actually means for schools. As Colin explains in the discussion:

“In its simplest term, data management is the recalling and storing of information... For some people that’s an excel spreadsheet, for others it’s even making a list on a bit of paper. The real key is understanding not what the data is but what people are trying to achieve with the data''.

This lead on to a discussion about the different tasks schools are specifically looking to achieve with data, covering invoicing, budgets, reports, the skillsets you often find in schools and a look at the processes (new and old!) that schools might still be using;


Click below for the full interview:


In Jack and Sean’s video we take a closer look at how the EdTech industry needs to encourage partnerships like this, with Jack explaining;

“Before people wanted to be their own island but now, with the likes of Covid, we have to be more receptive to working with partners”

With Sean adding;

“I think it’s the future of EdTech, Tech and modern life. People are used to working with a greater number of suppliers both from an industry point of view but also at home people are used to having lots of different apps”


The full discussion with Jack and Sean can be found here:

If you have specific questions about FeeMaster, you can book to attend our user group meeting on November 10th where you can also see live demos and hear more about FeeMaster’s integration with Sage from Solitons for Accounting and CRM.

To book visit: https://ti.to/furlong-training-and-events/finance-user-group-meeting-2021

Alternatively we will be at the Schools and Academies show 17th and 18th November and ISBA Expo between the 23rd - 24th November with Solutions for Accounting. If you are attending either event we would love to see you there and answer any questions you may have.

You can also book a demo with the team here or email financesupport@furlongsolutions.com